Post is a project about trauma, frozen in dead greyness, silence and tension. Everyone can find their own punctures here – exhausting dreams, fears, obsessions. An individual way of discovering a twin traumatic memory in another person, “Post” is an attempt at intimate contact which closes the past non-experience in the present. Says

21st Editions brings together two distinct bodies of work from one of the most fascinating photographers we have ever published. In Crowd, Misha Gordin’s variations on the theme are at once subtle and yet universally appealing. Quietly powerful, graphically dynamic, Gordin’s silent figures compel the mind to explore not only

Unborn Cities is a body of work that explores the architectural structures and physical growth of new cities located in inner-mainland China. Unlike many Western cities that begin as small developments and grow in accordance to the local industries, gathering community and history as they age, many of the new

Daniel Cheek is a photographic artist and educator currently living in Rock Springs, Wyoming. He received his Master of Fine Arts in Photography from the University of Arizona in 2013. Daniel’s work examines the ways people experience the world around us. Whether working in national parks or museums or his

This current series of photographs focuses on a small group of primitive skills practitioners who attend the annual buffalo hunt on the perimeter of Yellowstone National Park in Montana to scavenge animal parts and other animal products left behind by Native American hunters. After offering assistance to hunters by field


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OUT-OF-THE-WAY project was created on the far away territories of the Extreme North of Russia, where bad accessibility and isolation,

Kazakh fishers have, for untold generations, set out onto the frozen Ishim River in hopes of catching fish—whether for fare

A middle-sized city in the center of Poland, halfway between the mountains and the Baltic Sea. Neither rich, nor really poor,

This World and Others Like It investigates the role of the 21st century explorer by combining computer modeling with analogue

American photographer Drew Nikonowicz (born 1993) has been announced as the overall winner of this year’s Photogrvphy Grant and granted

Johannes Heuckeroth is German photographer and designer based Nuremburg. About his work he says: The central essence of my photographic work is


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Between 1925 and 1938, photographer E.O. Hoppé traveled the length and breadth of Germany, recording people and places at one

About Exiles, Cornell Capa once wrote, “Koudelka’s unsentimental, stark, brooding, intensely human imagery reflects his own spirit, the very essence


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Justyna Neryng was born in 1981 Poland. Neryng spent much of her childhood playing with her father’s cameras and dark

André Lichtenberg (born 1964 – Brazil), currently lives and works in UK. Lichtenberg is a fine art photographer (with a


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Edward S. Curtis: Indians of North America

Beginning in 1900, Edward S. Curtis (1868-1952) set out on a monumental quest to create an unprecedented, comprehensive record of


Vintage color: Everyday Life in Japan from 1949-1951

Collection of rare Kodachrome slides taken by an unknown US Navy Commander stationed in Japan from 1949 to 1951. via