The Swiss collects the work of Swedish photographer Christian Nilson, who has lived in Switzerland for more than ten years. During that time, he has traveled hundreds of miles throughout the country, camera in hand, capturing countless people and places through his inimitable self-taught technique, which involves using flash to

Iquitos, Peru is a city of approximately half a million people located on the Amazon river. Its only accesses are by boat or plane. There are no highways connecting it with the rest of Peru, making the city a kind of island. Surrounded on three sides by water, the city

This work is an extensive long-term research oriented work on the wastelands of major urban cities in a developing country like India with an ever increasing population catering to the growing needs of consumerism .The focus of this work is mainly centred around the lives of people living near these

Tokyo Radiant portrays the Japanese capital following the Great Tohoku Earthquake that struck the country in 2011. In color infrared pictures, it captures the uncertainty and eerieness that struck the country following the triple catastrophe of earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown at Fukushima Daichi power plant. About On 11 March

About his Hong Kong project entitled “Frenetic City” Chinese photographer Zhou Han Shun says: Frenetic City is an exploration of this complicated and multi-layered world. This work focuses on how people from different walks of life come to live together in a particular place. The congregation of people creates a multi-layered society which


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The dawn of mankind, a time with no rationality. An ancestor contemplating the cosmos perceives the necessity of a divinity.

Svalbard is a cold, dark and isolated island in the Arctic Ocean, situated about midway between continental Norway and the

While I hold a great respect for classical traditions of photography, I believe it is indispensable to place them in

An exploration of my personal Istanbul underworld in 2012. Alone again in the city of chaos. I only find sense

Les Sorcières. The witches. The soul eaters. At Burkina Faso. In the middle of the deep savannah. Far from everything.

In this new series of portraits of children between the ages of 6-12, I explore the vast interactions of the


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My family roots back to England, but I was born in Israel. I was a child on a fence; a

Monochrome Photography Awards is proud to announce the winners of their 2016 photography competition! French photographer Michel Kirch has been


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Justyna Neryng was born in 1981 Poland. Neryng spent much of her childhood playing with her father’s cameras and dark

André Lichtenberg (born 1964 – Brazil), currently lives and works in UK. Lichtenberg is a fine art photographer (with a


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Edward S. Curtis: Indians of North America

Beginning in 1900, Edward S. Curtis (1868-1952) set out on a monumental quest to create an unprecedented, comprehensive record of


Vintage color: Everyday Life in Japan from 1949-1951

Collection of rare Kodachrome slides taken by an unknown US Navy Commander stationed in Japan from 1949 to 1951. via