Dark side of New York City (1970s)

By 1970, the city gained notoriety for high rates of crime and other social disorders. A popular song by Cashman

Autochromes – First Color Photographs (1920s)

These Autochromes – the first commercially available color photographic process – were taken by National Geographic Society photographers. The Society

The Beatles during the ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ in 1967

Photos from an unseen clip shows the Beatles en route to Newquay, the final destination of the Magical Mystery Tour

Life in Britain During the Blitz

A collection of very rare color photographs of life in London and across the UK during the Blitz have been

Streets of Vancouver in 1950s and 1960s

Fred Herzog was 20 years old—a late comer to photography—when he brought his first camera in 1950 and began shooting

Everyday life in Mexico City in the 1950s

In the 20th century, the city began to grow upwards as well as outwards. The column with the Angel of

Behind the scenes: Jodie Foster on the set of “Taxi Driver” (1976)

Taxi Driver is a 1976 American vigilante film with neo-noir and psychological thriller elements, directed by Martin Scorsese and written

Drag Racers (1950s)

Drag racing clubs got involved with civic projects to curry good favor in their communities. They liaised with local police

Hollywood Streets (1979-1983)

In the late 1970s, Matt Sweeney dropped out of high school with dreams of becoming a movie maker. While working

San Francisco in the late 1970s

In the late 1970s, in the face of then expanding dereliction and as part of efforts to remake the neighborhood,