Interview with Dog photographer Sophie Gamand

– How did you get into photography? I was always a very artistic person, and I tried many forms of

Interview with Portrait photographer Vinit Gupta

How did you get into photography? The first motivation to getting in photography was travelling, but later, while volunteering with

Interview with Documentary photographer Maxim Dondyuk

– How did you get into photography? I started doing photography after my third try. When I was a child,

Interview with Cityscape photographer Wolfgang Hildebrand

– How did you get into photography? From childhood on I had been into drawing and painting but was always

Interview with Aerial / Abstract photographer David Maisel

– How and why did you get into aerial photography? My first experience with aerial photography was in 1983. I

Interview with photojournalist Erik Mesori

How did you get into photography? I got the inspiration at secondary school, everyday I went into my class and

Interview with Advertising photographer Malou Reedorf

Malou Reedorf (25) is a young photographer originally from Denmark that is now living part time in Italy, and despite

Interview with Landscape photographer David Köster

David Köster is a Germany based landscape photographer. In his images he stages wild, epic nature sceneries. By means of

Interview with Architecture photographer Johannes Heuckeroth

Born in 1985, Johannes Heuckeroth is a German designer and photographer specializing in architecture and landscape. In 2007, he started

Interview with Nude photographer Olivier Valsecchi

Olivier Valsecchi was born in Paris in 1979. His work has been published and exhibited around Europe, the US, and