Lori Nix: The Power of Nature

Visions of the future, horror scenarios or purely idyllic scenes? The photographic works by the New York artist Lori Nix

Blake Little: Preservation

Preservation has many meanings, from the physical to the spiritual. At the most basic – and perhaps the most important

Jan C. Schlegel: Unforgettable Traces

Bernheimer Fine Art is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition by photographer Jan C. Schlegel in Switzerland. Jan C.

Andre Govia: Abandoned Planet

Abandoned Planet is the first book by pioneering worldwide urban explorer Andre Govia and brings you the definitive document of

Elliott Erwitt: Retrospective

Elliott Erwitt has been taking pictures since the late forties. This exhibition is a unique and comprehensive survey of his

Laurent Chéhère: Airy Worlds

The Lumiere Bothers Center for Photography is delighted to present “Airy worlds” – the first solo exhibition in Russia of

Ruud van Empel: Beetles+Huxley in London

Beetles+Huxley are delighted to introduce to London the strange and wonderful world of Ruud van Empel, one of the most

Cathleen Naundorf: Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark, Naundorf’s latest body of work, is largely unseen and features a series of taxidermy animals alongside unique haute

Robin Schwartz: Amelia & The Animals

Amelia is fourteen years old. In many ways, she is your average American teenager: since she was three years old,

Abbas: Between Myth and Ideology

The Iranian-French photographer Abbas (*1944) took religion as his main concern. He shot the Iranian Revolution, documented Islam as a