2017 World Press Photo Contest Winners

View the collection of winning images from the 60th World Press Photo Contest. They were selected from 80,408 images made

International Photographer of the Year 2016 – Winners Gallery

Selected from 3870 entries photographer Jens Juul (Denmark) was chosen as the professional grand-prize winner of the 2016 International Photographer

Enrico Pedrotti: Retrospective

The exhibition shows 63 photos, one film and selected press material from the photographer Enrico Pedrotti, who worked in the

Christian Nilson: The Swiss

The Swiss collects the work of Swedish photographer Christian Nilson, who has lived in Switzerland for more than ten years.

Philipp Zechner: Tokyo Radiant

Tokyo Radiant portrays the Japanese capital following the Great Tohoku Earthquake that struck the country in 2011. In color infrared

Dana Stirling: Cache

My family roots back to England, but I was born in Israel. I was a child on a fence; a

2016 Monochrome Photography Awards Winners Gallery

Monochrome Photography Awards is proud to announce the winners of their 2016 photography competition! French photographer Michel Kirch has been

Martin Bogren: Tractor Boys

Youngsters meet up on the village outskirts, racing their tractorcars, burning tyremarks into the warm summer asphalt. The smell of

Guido Argentini: Argentum

Color and texture radically influence how we perceive shapes. While looking for an innovative approach on a 1995 Miami photo

David Parker: Myths and Landscape

Myths and legends have often been inspired and shaped by geologic landforms and, similarly, British photographer David Parker uses the