Giovanni Presutti: Hello Dolly!

The overbuilding of the territory is consuming an increasing share of agricultural area. Our suburbs are now clones of the

Sandra Hoyn: Displaced by Palmoil – Indonesia’s Last Orangutans

In 2014 I documented the disappearing Sumatran rain forest and life affected by this rapid deforestation in Indonesia. Indonesia supplies

Alina Desyatnichenko: Baikal of Wonders

The land of Baikal region in Russia has always been sacred for the local indigenous peoples – buryats. After 70

Alexandra Serrano: Nesting in the Wolf Tree

“The Forest is a state of Mind.” Gaston Bachelard Nesting in the Wolf Tree is an ongoing photographic series that

Julie de Waroquier: Brave New World

When framing a landscape or a wildlife picture, we avoid electric wires, modern buildings, trash or any unwanted human traces,

Alban Lécuyer: The Grand Opening of Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is a unique example of our times of a capital that was almost entirely stripped of its population.

Argus Paul Estabrook: School Memories – The Loss In Danwon High

Ten classrooms at Danwon High School were spontaneously transformed into memorial sites during the Sewol Ferry Tragedy on April 16,

Alexandra Zhidkikh: In My Room

This is a simple photo set about the beauty in everyday life, the naturality, and self-acceptance – nude women in

Randy Wachtin: Cascadia By Nature

There exists an innate human instinct to care about and communicate with nature. Experts in the fields of Natural Science

Leticia Bernaus: Zoobiografia

André Bazin said, “If the plastic arts were put under psychoanalysis, the practice of embalming the dead might turn out