Julien Malabry: L’île Aux Lotophages

Sand. Overwhelming light of a warm summer afternoon. Reverbering boom. Rickety fences. Remains of any concrete installation. And everywhere the

Eduard Korniyenko: Lords of the Guns

The state-run school is based in the southern Russian city of Stavropol, some 150 miles from the Olympic resort of

Raul Guillermo: Plage Isolée

Deauville, Étretat, Marseille, Le Havre, Saint-Pierre de Quiberon. What do all these places have in common? Most of these cities

Yota Yoshida: From Somewhere, To Elsewhere

Says Yota: They pictured in these photos, me as I write this, and you who are looking at the photographs,

Anthony Carr: Big Bar Lake Ranch Revisited

Says Anthony: Much of my photographic work is a study into the behaviour of light and how it accrues on

Jacek Fota: PKiN

The Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw – less and less a symbol of Stalinist domination, more and more

Dara McGrath: Project Cleansweep

Taking its name from a Ministry of Defence investigation issued in 2011, that assessed the risk contamination at sites in

Pedro Soares: Cosmic Dinner

Says Pedro: The series Cosmic Dinner it’s a multidisciplinary project that unites concepts from photography and painting. My most consistent

Anna Maria De Marzo: Objecthood of a Past Journey

Objecthood of a past journey investigates the cultural identity of the Italian migrants in Wales. The objects have been treasured

Julien Bonnin: Relics

The project Relics represents a visual exploration into the processes of dissemination and preservation concerning found materials and archival pictures.