Mary Gelman: Svetlana

In Russia, people have a lot of prejudice towards people with mental disorders. They are not considered full-fledged people with

María Carla Piacenza: Climate Change Route

The Climate Change Route is the name given to the tourist circuit that includes the Pastoruri glacier and its surroundings,

Olga Zarko: Touching the Summer

Bodies during summer time are opened and cover with marks, left by sun, water, rocks or clothes. Whose influence is

Benjamin Le Brun: The Center of Spare-time Activities

The project “The Center of Spare-time Activities” stages models playing the role of tourists in a chosen scenery: commercial areas

Paweł Franik: Kontrast 01

Kontrast 01 is a conceptual project based on the arrangement of photos against each other. Each photo presents a different

Emil Gataullin: Mezen

The first settlements on the banks of Mezen River (Arkhangelsk region) were established in the XVI century by Russian explorers

Ryan Parker: Coping With The Landscape

Says Ryan: Coping with the landscape refers to my fear of the state of the contemporary landscape – Fear generated

Alain Schroeder: Miracle Mud

Techirghiol, derived from (Turkish) Tekir’s lake, is a small Romanian town on the Black Sea famous for its therapeutic mud

Vincenzo Labellarte: Omnia Mutantur

Says Vincenzo: Everything changes, through space and time. The cities we live in are a constantly mutating organism stratified during

Andrea Foligni: Fakescapes

The European Landscape Convention (Florence, Italy, October 2000) defines the landscape «an area, as perceived by people, whose character is