Bartłomiej Ponikiewski: Movie Theatres

The project documents objects of classic cinemas in Poland. It’s just a seemingly repetitive places. The individual character of the

Kari Wehrs: Shot

In an attempt to explore one aspect of gun culture, I set up my darkroom tent and tintype gear at

Akasha Rabut: Caramel Curves

New Orleans has a myriad of street-parading traditions that merge age groups, communities and neighborhoods. They also serve as an

Adel Pazyar: Born of Die

80% of the genes of humans and mice are the same and 90% of genes that cause diseases are also

Byron Smith: Mosul Offensive 2016

Nearly two years since the Islamic State took the city of Mosul in northern Iraq, the Iraqi Army launched an

Chiara Raffo: The Wolfsschanze

The Wolfsschanze was the most famous and most used Führer Haupt Quartier of Hitler, who spent a lot of time

Andrea and Magda: Sinai Park

Egypt has largely bet on the tourist industry (around 12% of the GDP), and for the Sinai region it is

Sayan Hazra: Ghost Town

This is a reportage which depicts the consequences of natural disaster on civil population. Dhanushkodi, Tamil Nadu, has the only

Dasha Chegarovskaya: The Aliens

First of all, this project is about sensations: among them are vulnerability, self-destruction, being hurtfully beautiful. Project is about beauty

Jennifer Garza-Cuen: Rabun

About her “Rabun” project says Jennifer: Many years ago I left America to travel the world. I spent over a