Paweł Franik: American Dream

The American Dream is a national ethos of the United States, the set of ideals (Democracy, Rights, Liberty, Opportunity, and

Dina Oganova: Frozen Waves

All my childhood I was listening stories how some boy/man with friends were stealing a girl, to get a married

Tatiana Gulenkina: Things Merging and Falling Apart

Things Merging and Falling Apart (2010-2016) consists of unique type C contact prints (photograms) created in a color darkroom using

Gabriele Orlini: El Sol de Manana

Villa 31, built in the 1930, is the oldest of the villas miserias in Buenos Aires. Are spaces of urban

Daro Sulakauri: Deprived of Adolescence

Georgia has one of the highest rates in europe for early marriages.  Marriages occur mainly in Kakheti and Adjara regions,

Emel Karakozak: Budding

Woman is a being through which man feel connected to nature as woman is very similar to nature in birth-giving

Sascha Richter: Mountainland

Mountainland surveys the lives and societies of upland Southeast Asia with reference to the geographical and socio-scientific concept of Zomia,

Lena Tsibizova: The Sulfur Miners

Sulfur mining is one of the most hard and dangerous works in the world. The miners works inside the crater

Babis Kougemitros: Edgelands

About “Edgelands” Babis says: These pictures are the product of my last two-year wandering in several places and areas of Attica, the

Elena Helfrecht: Little Stories

About her work Elena says: My photographs come unfiltered and straight out of my core. They are personal and subjective, yet