Carlotta Cardana: The Red Road Project

“What did we do so wrong that they would want to wipe us out? Strip us of our land, force

Luca Abbadati: PIECES

About his work says Luca: The architectures are made of pieces. Individual pieces may also belong to other worlds. I’m interested in

Namratha Thomas: Variations of Things Past

Says Namratha: This is a series born out of my personal footage that I have gathered on my wanderings in

Pablo Parra & Alicia Petrashova: Gold Mines

Throughout the history there has not existed any type of mineral as valued as the gold, the man began to

Frank Machalowski: Stadtbaum

About his project says Frank: This is a side project from the series multiexpo. ‘Stadtbaum’ means urban tree. It’s about

Nele Gülck: Abandoned Thermal Springs

Since thousands of years, people visit the springs in the north of Greece. It is said that they have curative

Ludovica Bastianini: In Your Place

According to estimates by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), 13.5 million girls worldwide each year are forced to get

Sutanta Aditya: Life Under The Deadly Shadows Of Sinabung Eruption

An estimated 30,000 people were displaced from their homes after Mount Sinabung on the Indonesian island of Sumatra started erupting

Balint Alovits: Acclimate

Acclimate project was shot in Iceland and is about how an inhabited area is formed where natural conditions are basically

Michele Martinelli: Mongolia’s Nomads

Silence is the protagonist of the boundless spaces that cross the horizon, an enveloping presence that forces one to look