Sarah Blesener: Toy Soldiers

Over 200,000 youth are currently enrolled in clubs with 10,000 in Moscow. Each club functions independently with their own structures

Vinci Weng: My Wonderlands

In my experience in the practice of contemporary photography, it is fundamentally related to traditional skills, computer technology and notions

Natela Grigalashvili: Book of my Mother

My mother was born in the beginning of World War II in a small village. By this time her father

Marie-Pierre Dieterlé: Martin Luther King Park

About “Martin Luther King Park” says Marie-Pierre: This series is an ongoing project about my neighbourhood under construction in Paris

Dimitris Barounis: Pure South

The “other” side of Crete, mainly known through narratives which seems to have come out of a novel, unseen at

Giacomo Sini: Yazidi’s Tales

Ezidi people (or Yazidis in English) are a religious group of about half a million people who is native of

Pedro Jarque: Anima

This artistic-photographic project aims to help breaking the barrier that we have built in our relationship with the animal life,

Marleen Sleeuwits: Interiors

About Interiors project Marleen says: In my photography I research interiors in which you don’t feel connected to a specific place

Luigi Avantaggiato: Where the West Sets

In the past few years, international governments, institutions, and media have used the expression “refugee crisis” to describe rising numbers

Pol Kurucz: Poor Billionaires

After Zone1, Anti-Humans and Afro-Fem, Pol Kurucz is launching his fourth supercharged series, Poor Billionaires, inspired by the deep social