Mert Acar: Placeholder

Main focus of this ongoing project is documenting flatscapes (monotonous landscapes) to point out man-made surroundings such as billboards, road

Alexander Anufriev: Russia Close-Up

About his project says Alexander: I grew up in modern Russia — I never saw the Soviet Union behind the Iron Curtain,

Markel Redondo: Sand Castles

Spain is one of the countries hardest hit by the European economic crisis. Due to a toxic combination of billions

Mauricio Zina: Jaroslav

Jaroslav was born in Slovenia in 1977 and ​a few years later he moved with his family to the outskirts

Griselda Duch: Blue Hours

Coming from the French expression “l’heure bleue” is the period of twilight each morning and evening where there is neither

Gabriela Gleizer: Through The Stations

This annual project documents people, by a journey through the different stations of The Light Train in Jerusalem, which is

Kinuko Esther Asano: Memories Of Home

Memories of Home explores the notions of identity, memory and imagination in the photographic process. Through the process of chemigrams,

Marco Zorzanello: SNOW-LAND, Tourism in the Era of Climate Change

2015 and 2016 were the hottest years in historical record (UN and NASA data). Climate change is no longer a

Bartłomiej Ponikiewski: Movie Theatres

The project documents objects of classic cinemas in Poland. It’s just a seemingly repetitive places. The individual character of the

Kari Wehrs: Shot

In an attempt to explore one aspect of gun culture, I set up my darkroom tent and tintype gear at