Amadeus Waldner: First Steps of a City

Seestadt, north of Vienna – one of the largest European urban development project of recent decades. Where fox and hare

Luana Rigolli: In Aqua Salus

The ancient Romans knew the thermal springs flowing under Salsomaggiore, but the doctor Lorenzo Berzieri was the first one to

George Curzon: Cymbeline’s Child

Imogen, Shakespeare’s heroine in Cymbeline, King of Britain, overcomes adversity in her quest for the truth, and in turn discovers

Ranita Roy: Flood in West Bengal, India

The floods of West Bengal have an exceptional peculiarity. Though the state receives heavy rainfall, yet it’s mostly affected by

Daria Garnik: Gagarin

The triumphal and tragically broken life of Yuri Gagarin – the first human to journey into outer space – made

Karin Crona: Duckface

This is the meeting between a series of nude self portraits and a box of women’s magazines found at a

Markus Kaesler: Shadows on Concrete

The texture of the material concrete creates in interaction with light spaces, that seem to be free of geographical determinants.

Marcus Wiechmann: The Yazidis – Where to Go From Here?

The religion of the Yazidis is one of the oldest religious traditions that exists today and gets practised since more

Pavel Volkov: Playing with Darkness

About his project says Pavel: Sergey Mangos story for me is an example of outstanding human strength and power –

Andrea Di Martino: Chateaux!

In China red brings good luck. Maybe this is why the Chinese are drinking more wine than before, the vineyards