Andrey Semenov: Invasion

Earth equally soaks up temple and shit. Close your eyes for a minute, and cities surrounding you will disappear. So-called

Linus Escandor II: Philippines’ War on Drugs

Death has been knocking on Filipinos’ doors since Rodrigo Roa Duterte became President of the Philippines on June 30, 2016.

Ivan Pushkin: Sacred

The tradition of sanctification in the folk Slavic culture was the way to make places and objects sacred, and empower

Oliver Regueiro – Earthbound | Portrait Series of Captive Birds

A series of portraits of captive macaws and cockatoos. Most of them have been abandoned and now live in a

Michel Delaunay – This is My Body

The world in the 21st century seems to have entered some kind of an eschatological time, going from one crisis

Kurt Hollander: The Architecture of Sex

About his award winning project “The Architecture of Sex” says Kurt: On my first trip to Cali, Colombia I lived for two

Fabian Muir: Shades of Leisure in North Korea

Mention of ‘North Korea’ evokes a very specific mental image, dominated by military parades, the leaders and the famine of

Matthew Broadhead: Heimr

In 1965 and 1967 NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey organized field trips to Iceland for American astronauts to learn

Carolina Santana: Guaicurus

Walking through my city in a street (Guaicurus), it exist since the city was established, called “zone” of prostitution, I

Bruno Gori: How Deep is the Sea

About his project says Bruno: This project was inspired by a song called “Com’è profondo il mare” (How deep is