Momo Mustafa: River Erosion

Vola is one of the most affected districts in Bangladesh due to overall climate changes effect. River erosion is the

Mirjana Vrbaski: Verses of Emptiness

Inspired by Byzantine iconography, Verses of Emptiness explores the iconic potential of the photographic portrait. Rather than using the portrait

Anna Filipova: Research at the End of the World

Ny-Ålesund is situated on the 79th parallel north on Svalbard archipelago, which makes it the most northerly permanent civilian settlement

Julien Coquentin: Black Seasons

About Black Seasons series says Julien: I do not know when exactly this series started. Without a doubt not in

Fulvio Bugani: Twilight

The ancient traditions and the call of the ancestors are the forces that drive some populations to stay connected to

Alexandra Polina: Myths, Masks and Subjects

The protagonists of the photo series are members of visible minorities who were born, raised and educated in Germany. These images

Luca Marianaccio: Buffetto All’italiana

Define exactly what a city signifies is very complicated. The reason is that human habitat is basically instable. Cities are

Anton Polyakov & Anna Galatonova: MAHALA

In the aftermath of the USSR’s collapse in the early ’90s, the Soviet Republic of Moldova declared independence, but the

Néha Hirve: Up All Night

About Up All Night project says Néha: Growing up in a quiet housing complex, I’d often spend nights looking upon

Rina Vukobratovic: Haiku Moment

One of the basic elements of poetic expression in haiku poems is an image, an outline that directly expresses the