Teo Becher: Les Sommets Inhabitables

Nomadic people, Inuits, natives of America inhabit their land by roaming through it, from one end to another, linked to

Taha Ahmad: Swan Song of the Badlas

Mukaish Badla is a form of embroidery, which at its peak flourished in the Indian city of Lucknow. At its

Tami Bahat: Dramatis Personae

Says Tami: Inspired by the Old Master Painters, I construct and photograph scenes from an alternate history, my own characters

Paco Chuquiure: OASIS

The inhabitants of “Oasis” have built their life on an abandoned trash heap outside Lima. Ten years ago they simply

Asis Kumar Sanyal: A Piece of Paradise

Says Asis: As the eagle flew up on the Golden land of America, I looked down and felt like gliding in

Mohammad Rakibul Hasan: Salt

Global warming seems to have more severe impact on certain countries than others because of the way it affects the

Panos Charalampidis & Mary Chairetaki: Inherently Unpredictable and Reassuringly Expectable

This body of work echoes a sinister omen from the future. During the last years, we watched our country’s economy

Gabrielle Hall-Lomax: Transformed Surfaces

Transformed Surfaces is an investigation into how we perceive and relate to our natural environment in the current geological epoch

Socrates Baltagiannis: Chasing the Rainbow

Migration; always an act of pursuing a better tomorrow than what is given to you and most often, an evil

Moritz Küstner: The Dying Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is strictly speaking not a sea but a lake. However, a very special lake. At the lowest