Simone Sapienza: United States of Vietnam

“United States of Vietnam” is a project that reflects on the current economical and social aspects of Vietnam in comparison

Interview with fine art photographer Matthieu Gafsou

Matthieu Gafsou (CH, 1981) lives and works in Lausanne, Switzerland. After completing a master of arts in philosophy, literature and

Ricardo Nunes: The Western-Gate

Belgrade, The White City, is the capital of Serbia and of former Yugoslavia. The Belgradians seem nostalgic about the past,

Julianne Nash: Still/Life_Blend/Mode

About her work Julianne says: This work has multiple layers to it, physically and conceptually. At first look the images

Stefano Stranges: The Two Faces of the Rebellion

Ukraine, 2014. A country divided by internal tensions between those who look up to Europe and those who still feel

Edward Thompson: The Vein

About his project Edward says: The process of photographing veins was pioneered by Leo Massopust, who spent his working life

Kai Caemmerer: Sites

Sites is an on-going body of work that explores the perpetual growth of the urban environment and how its constant

Chris Garvi: Marseile

Chris Garvi is an independent photographer based in Marseille, south of France. French born, he studied English litterature and civilisation

Vladimir Kravchenko: Unlikely Places

Often, when encountered with a view that contains man-made elements or is entirely artificial, I am bewildered by the grotesque

Marta Kochanek: Lov’yer

The history of humanity has recorded hundreds and thousands of romances and mésalliances of all kinds. The world witnesses love