Moira Ness: Nightscapes

Says Moira: Night-time has always appealed to me. The sun sets and the bustling city slows. People retire indoors to

Mattia Vacca: The Russian Doukhobors – Disappearing Minority in Georgia

The Doukhobors have left Russia since Tsar Nicholas I exiled them in the 1840s. They settled their community in remote

Rob Zeigler: Faces of Chaco

Faces of Chaco is an ongoing documentary and portrait photography series focused on members of the Navajo community in the

Erika Zolli: Geometric Variants

Says Erica: In Geometric Variants project, I play on the geometric relationship between man and space. In this new project

Vincent Feldman: Tokyo Mo-dan – Tracing Architectural Form Meiji to the End of History

Tokyo Mo-dan attempts to describe what makes Tokyo one of the most compelling and thought provoking centers of architectural design

Alfredo Chiarappa: La Calle Pura

“La Calle Pura” looks at change in Cuba through the lens of Reggaeton, the soundtrack of the suburbs. Reggaeton is

Rene Koster: Blossom

Says Rene: Blossom shows images of blossom trees enclosed by misty darkness. Night has the ability to provoke a sense

Sharbendu De: Imagined Homeland

Imagined Homeland (2013-ongoing) is a crossover documentary series on the life of the Tibeto-Burmese Lisu tribe living in the dense

Anna Alciati: Lampedusa Amuri Miu

Says Anna: Lampedusa is an island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Lampedusa was the salvation for many migrants,

Krzysztof Sienkiewicz: Urban Collage

Says Krzysztof: There are buildings, which seem to be standing in the wrong place. When I started noticing them in