Maria Contreras Coll: Journey To Impurity

The first menstruation is a turning point for every young women around the world. In Nepal, this entry into adulthood

Arito Nishiki: Namikake

By southern coastline of Niigata City is located in northern part of the Sea of Japan. A village sank into

Michela Ronco: Bari, I searched the city

Says Michela: Analysing the city of Bari, I focused my attention on the city planning and how it influences the

Javier Corso: MATAGI

Matagi are traditional hunters living in small villages and settlements in the highlands of northern Honshu, the main island of

Stephanie Gengotti: Amori Nomadi / Circus Love

The Circus. Perhaps there is nothing more anachronistic. A legacy of a past millennium, kept alive in microcosms on the

Cristóbal Carretero Cassinello: Diálogos | Dialogues

Dialogues: They are seemingly unconnected stories, spontaneous encounters, shapes, colors and capricious textures, which play, talk and intertwine, showing us

Juan Giraldo: Blue & Blue

Says Juan: I have spent most of my life in the shadow of New York City, in the midst of the declining

Alexey Shlyk: The Appleseed Necklace

Says Alexey: Every time I think of my country (Belarus), I am reminded of how wonderfully resourceful and creative the

Serena De Sanctis: Urban Migrants

This projects aims at documenting the deplorable condition of thousands of people coming to Delhi from the poorest states in

Raquel Bravo: Berocoan

Says Raquel: My father went to the missions in Mato Grosso during the 70s, before I was born, and at that