Loïc Vendrame: Riad Mirage Club

Riad Mirage Club (Morocco) is the last volume of the long-term and ongoing documentary project Future Rust, Future Dust, which

Dovile Dagiene: Suspended Light – Two Suns

In this project dominates an extended concept of photographic imagery which overlaps the intimate and common problems of political, cultural,

Aitor Garmendia: Slaughterhouse

Says Aitor: Over the course of a number of months, between the years 2015 and 2017 I gained access to

Swastik Pal: The Hungry Tide Project

What would you do if you see all that you had in life, sinking right in front of you? Ghoramara,

Vali Mohseni: Choice

Addiction is the biggest crisis Iran has known since the Iran-Iraq war. This has social, economic and political consequences. 80%

Mijannur Gazi: Extension of a City

Kolkata (Calcutta), the metro city of India, like other big cities, is getting bigger by the day in its physical

Evelyn Bencicova: Asymptote

Asymptote merges past and present into a unified visual form connecting photography, video and sound. The project is composed of

Owen Harvey: Ground Clearance

In the mid-to-late 1940’s a new subculture in America emerged and grew during the post war prosperity of the 1950’s.

Solmaz Daryani: Hamoun Wetland to Wasteland

Iran is “water bankrupt,” and mainly suffering from a socio-economic drought, where water demand exceeds the natural water supply. My

Caff Adeus: WOOLVS

In his most dynamic and thought-provoking exhibition to date, Caff Adeus sheds light on his own inner turmoil by warping