Daro Sulakauri: The Black Gold

Walking in the City of Chiatura in a hot weather is almost like a misty dance floor of a club.

Zuzana Pustaiova: Faces of Family

What is a family? A family is a small social group made out of individuals, and also an environment which

Ksenia Kuleshova: ABKHAZIA

There is an old legend the Abkhaz people like to tell to the visitors: When God gave each nation its

Jaeuk Lee: New Town

New Town is about the transformation of residential spaces through a large scale urban redevelopment project currently in progress in

Antonio Guerra: Ver de Acción

“Ver de Acción” explores the limits between natural and cultural, creating an experience with landscape and space interaction. In order

Katya Evdokimova: Here Was Vasya

The series is dealing with the theme of man’s relationship to nature. ’Zdesj byl Vasya’ [Здесь был Вася] – directly translating

Paulo Batalha: A Better Home Waiting in The Blue Sky

Says Paulo: This series represents part of a long-term project about immigration in my city, Sao Paulo, and my country,

Yevgeny Nakonechnyy: Gold Bottom

Russia, Astrakhan and Volgograd regions. Baskunchak and Elton are one of the most amazing and the most saline lakes in

Yannick Cormier: Theatre Land

The series Theatre Land arose when Yannick Cormier met Muruga Boopathy in 2015. The director of the theater company “Manalmagudi Theatre Land”

Bianca Salvo: The Universe Makers

The project The Universe Makers is the result of a research on space imagery and it aims to inquire on