Javiera Estrada: Salt + Sea

SALT + SEA is a homologous study between the feminine form and the complex ecology of the ocean and it’s

Thomas Correa: Lomas de Ancon

Lima is the biggest city in the world built on a desert, so when you cross the topological frontieres of

Emanuele Amighetti: Unrecognized Nation, Forgotten War

The war between Armenia and Azerbaijan has been a long one. The troubles started in 1988, escalating into a full-scale

Laura Gwenaëlle Berson: Percipere

Percipere is, in a way, an image of the experimentation of a metaphysical doubt in a concrete way. The construction

Xavier Blondeau: Presence Obscure

There exist places or situations in which, despite the absence of any human entity, a faint presence can still be

Sébastien Bridot: Nowhereland

Nowhereland is a concentrate of images from different potentially antithetical geographical places, which, confronted with each other, form a surreal,

Elizabeth Casasola: No Title

Strange views are what we see of others that we begin to forget even though there is an extensive geographic

Sadra Bagheri: Where is This Place?

Says Sadra: Our memories are not as honest as they appear. Human brain is not neutral about recreating memories and

Debsuddha Banerjee: Towards the No Man’s Land, They Say

Ghoramara, Mousuni and Botkhali are those islands located in Gangetic delta region of West Bengal, India, has been disappearing, triggered

Javier Alvarez: PREDIO

During the nineties, the working class and social groups began squatting in abandoned buildings in São Paulo’s (Brazil) downtown. Today,