Jan Schmidt-Whitley: Return to Cizre

Jan Schmidt-Whitley shares a story from Cizre: I was a direct witness of the Suruç bomb attack in July 2015

Margery Clay: Building Series

When you look at a photograph you have the fact, the “reality” of the image before you. In an instant

Tamina-Florentine Zuch: Zongo

In August 2012 the town of Hohoe witnessed violent riots between Christians and the Muslim minority. The residents of „Zongo“

Catherine Hyland: Universal Experience

Catherine Hyland is an artist based in London. She graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design with a First

Ksenia Yurkova: Empty Expectations

The photography actualizes the shape; the status and condition are put outside the brackets. The picture is the modality of

Davit Koridze: Nowhere in Vaziani

Five kilometers away from Tbilisi, there’s a district called Vaziani. It’s a former military settlement with 41 buildings. The inhabitants

Szymon Barylski: Fleeing Death

The refugee camp in Idomeni on the Greek-Macedonian border, to which thousands of immigrants, mainly Syrians, are coming. It is

Dan Gemkow: In Transit

Bus travel demands a level of endurance required by no other mode of long distance transportation. Depending on where you

Todd Bradley: The Protectors of Magical Seeds

The Protectors Of Magical Seeds is an artistic study of seed pods cleanly photographed to show fine detail and shapes

Tatiana Palyga: Cherepovets

Cherepovets is a Russian city, an administrative center of Vologda region, with a population of around 317 000 people. It