Balarka Brahma: Forward Pass

In 2003, a group called the Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee started a residential home for kids from various brothel colonies

Ikuru Kuwajima: Tundra Kids

In the arctic tundra of Russia, there is a boarding school for the Nenets, the nomadic northern indigenous people. The

Jennifer Georgescu: Mother Sers

When you are a mother you are expected to be selfless, and any utterance of a challenge or obstacle will

Valentin Bianchi: The Hope To Exist

A few weeks after the last bombardments on Gaza, life trying to recover. The destroyed buildings are almost all rebuilt,

Adel Koleszar: New Routes of Faith

About her project seys Adel: ‘New Routes of Faith’ is a photographic documentary based on the research of new religious

Kamil Kotarba: Hide and Seek

About “Hide and Seek” says Kamil: A virtual world always competes with a real world. Instead of focusing on interaction with

Anais Boileau: Plein Soleil

“Plein Soleil” is about a kind of community women taking the sun. These are women with golden skin exposing themselves

Julia Kaczorowska: WZORY

Says Julia: WZORY is about people, who like me and like 1-2% of the world’s population, has vitiligo, a condition

Can Dagarslani: Identities

In his series Identities, Can Dağarslanı portrayed two girls, making them both an integral part together with the diverse architectural

Luca Quagliato: Worst Case Scenario

About his project says Luca: I imagined a deserted city, abandoned by its inhabitants. The worst-case scenario in which the