Alessandro Ciccarelli: Lato Selvatico (Wild Side)

If we look at the latest work of Alessandro Ciccarelli, what catches the eye is exactly the calm attempt to

Yuli Gorodinsky – Relics

About his project says Yuli: I am a traveler in my own land, an eternal migrant. I wish to gather

Denise Felkin: Mum’s Not The Word

Childless or childfree? Women who do not have children. I am forty-eight and childfree. I have never wanted children. Occasionally

Alexis Gonnet: Ink In Water

About “Ink in Water” project says Alexis: As I usually say, a hyperrealist painter tries his best to achieve a result

João Pedro Machado: Plano Miraflores

This series of images was taken in the residencial area of Miraflores, Lisboa. It was at 89 that my parents

D. P. Mahardika: Grey Vista

This work was taken after the eruption of Merapi in 2010. Seismic activity around the volcano increased from mid-September onwards,

Patrick Tourneboeuf: TRACE – Kimberley

Kimberley, 1867. The discovery of a massive diamond causes the birth of a city situated in the desert of the

Javier Fergo: Immigratio

The European migrant crisis or European refugee crisis began in 2015, when an increasing number of refugees and migrants made

Alina Fedorenko: Footprint

Athar Al Nabi is the name of a quarter in the south of Cairo, it is a low income neighborhood,

Hakim Boulouiz: Wax Dolls

Cities are growing day after day. Life is being transformed and accelerated in the middle of modernity. In this context,