Orestis Seferoglou: Uniformity

Uniformity: the quality or state of being uniform.

 The desert as an open space has multiple roles and states. The

Daniel George: Nobody Wanted

In the American West, vast areas of remote, arid terrain were historically disregarded by early settlers and described as “the

Mikula Platz: Socialist Classicism – Dictatorial Architecture Behind the Iron Curtain

The Socialist classicism found its origin in the socialist realism, the only art movement which was approved in the Soviet

Dorin Goian: Remnants

Remnants is a documentary photography project exploring the aftermath of demographic crisis of Republic of Moldova. This year, Republic of

Sophie Mayanne: Scars

Our skin is the road map to our lives, from the intricate lines around our eyes to the age spots

Ksenia Diodorova: In the Cold

After the civil war in Tajikistan (1992–1997) and the following economic collapse, the people of Tajikistan found themselves in a

Anne-Laure Autin: Blood Line

About her Blood Line project Anne-Laure says: Once your parents pass away, you realise you’re next in line. My father

Smith & Köppen: Planet Wasteland

Wasteland is Europe’s most notorious adult playground where the fetish lifestyle is celebrated and applauded. Photographers duo Smith & Koppen

Thibaut Derien: I Live in a Ghost City

Thibaut Derien began to travel France a decade ago, deliberately avoiding major roads and outputs bordered by kilometers of garish

Antonio Aragon Renuncio: Sanna’m

And there it was, amid the absence as a savanna. Hidden among rough rocks, among weeds and trees scattered starving