Aurelien Marechal: Block

Urbanization in China has grown dramatically from the 1990s and exceeded the 50% threshold for the first time in 2011.

Rocco Venezia: Nekyia

Nekyia is a concept used by the philosopher C. G. Jung in the early 20th century as part of his

Santolo Felaco: Here, Death Will Come Tomorrow

Rome reminds me of a man who lives by exhibiting to travellers his grandmother’s corpse – J.Joyce Rome, city of

Hanna Jarzabek: Patriotic Games

In recent years Polish public schools have developed “Military Profile Classes”, an educational program destined to teenagers between 16 and

Natela Grigalashvili: The Doukhobors’ Land

The Doukhobors, as they call themselves the spirit-warriors, are an Orthodox Protestant society, which appeared three centuries ago in Russia,

Francisco Diaz & Deb Young: The Lost Boys

Set within an unknown time, the undercurrent of tension in this seemingly unruly world is juxtaposed with signs of confidence

Adrián Domínguez: Earth Streaks

“Who can draw a river out of turn in a river” Every second, thousands tons of fresh water moves on

Daniel Coburn: The Hereditary Estate

Says Daniel: For the past decade I have made photographs to examine the family photo album as part of a visual

Loïc Vendrame: Future Rust, Future Dust

This long term documentary project across several countries around the world aims to analyse the urban and architectural impact of

Visarut Sankham: Behind Tin Walls

“Behind Tin Walls” is a project documenting the lives of migrant working living in three different campsites of Bangkok. Mostly