Diane Kirkland: Georgia Landscapes in Black and White

Take a look at our selection of Diane Kirkland photographic works presenting beautiful and mysterious landscapes of Geogria state. In her

Ondrej Pakan: Water-Covered Insects

Ondrej Pakan captures stunning macro photos of insects covered in drops of water. Says Ondrej: Microkosmos – It`s another world, which can be

Heinz Maier: High Speed Liquid

Germany based artist Heinz Maier is involved in photography from the end of 2010. From that time he was developing

Levi van Veluw: Landscape Self-Portraits

This four-piece series reinterprets the traditional landscape painting. Plots of land, clusters of trees and babbling brooks are removed from

Christopher Jonassen: Devour – Worn-Out Frying Pans Looking Like Planets

Christopher Jonassen is Scandinavian photographer born Stavanger, Norway, 1978.  In his series Devour he shows us beautifully lightened still life photographs of

Joey L.: Omo Valley

While Ethiopia’s sky-heavy terrain leaves its residents engulfed by a jungle of impressions, myths and searing truths, their daily existence

Matthieu Gafsou: Swiss Alps in Summertime

Matthieu Gafsou focused on Swiss Alps in summertime, continuing the representation of nature work which was started centuries ago, the

Greer Muldowney: Hong Kong

Greer Muldowney is an artist, photography professor and independent curator based in Boston, Massachusetts. She received an undergraduate degree in

Vincent Fournier: Space Project

Vincent Fournier was born in 1970 and lives in Paris. After graduating with a sociology degree and a Masters in

Martin Miller: Weapons of Mass Destruction

Martin Miller, documentary photographer from Baltimore brings us didactic series of photos with a retrospective look at some of 20th century