Maria Svarbova: Human Space

Maria Svarbova was born in 1988 in Slovakia. She finished her university studies of conservation – restoration and archeology. She

Dennis Ramos: Architecture in Black and White

Dennis Ramos is an international award winning fine art photographer born in Manila Philippines. He migrated to United States after

Mindo Cikanavicius: Bubbleissimo

This project examines modern men and their grooming obsession to facial hair, and how it personifies masculinity. The bubble soap

François Ollivier: Perfect Strangers

François Ollivier is a freelance photographer living in Montreal, available for commercial, documentary or editorial assignments. In his Perfect Strangers

Diego Arroyo: Ethiopia

Diego Arroyo is a Spanish art director and passionate photographer based in New York City. He travels the world in

Jakub Polomski: Iceland Aerial Landscapes

In July 2015 during two weeks time Polish photographer Jakub Polomski drove 4000 km including seaside and interior. For taking photos he was

Vassilis Tangoulis: Minimal Landscapes in Black and White

Vassilis Tangoulis is an International Award-Winning Black and White Fine Art photographer based in Greece. Vassilis is mostly known for

Alexei Sovertkov: Portraituning

In his Portraituning project Alexei Sovertkov explores the limits of aesthetics in analogue and digital synergy. Alexei Sovertkov was born in 1974 in Smolensk,

Roger Hansson: Winterscapes in Black And White

Photogrvphy Magazine presents the works of Roger Hansson, a Swedish born self taught nature and fine art photographer. Says Roger: I started

Kilian Schönberger: The Crooked Forest

This pine grove is one of the most unusual forests in Central Europe. The so-called Crooked Forest (Polish: Krzywy Las)