PhotoBiography: Justyna Neryng

Justyna Neryng was born in 1981 Poland. Neryng spent much of her childhood playing with her father’s cameras and dark

PhotoBiography: André Lichtenberg

André Lichtenberg (born 1964 – Brazil), currently lives and works in UK. Lichtenberg is a fine art photographer (with a

PhotoBiography: Troy Paiva

My light-painted nightwork captures the abandoned and discarded underbelly of the American West. I sneak through fences during the full

PhotoBiography: Laura Plageman

Laura Plageman is an artist and educator who lives and works in Oakland, CA. Her images explore the relationships between

PhotoBiography: Hakim Boulouiz

Hakim Boulouiz is a Professional Photographer and an Expert in Urban aesthetics with a multidisciplinary training. He is a big

PhotoBiography: Christine Anderson

Christine Anderson was born in 1964 in New Jersey (United States). She received her BFA in Painting from Long Island

PhotoBiography: Joern Vanhoefen

Jörn Vanhöfen (born 1961 in Dinslaken, Lower Rhine) studied photography at the Folkwang School in Essen and the Hochschule für

Pierre Leblanc: The bench

“It couldn’t go on like this. Things were turning for the worse. A long process of destruction had begun. It

PhotoBiography: Olivo Barbieri

Olivo Barbieri (born 1954 in Carpi, Emilia-Romagna) is an Italian artist and photographer of urban environments. He is recognized for

PhotoBiography: Harold Ross

Utilizing the technique of light painting, the photographer Harold Ross (born 1956) captures preternatural landscapes and unearthly discarded objects. Creating