PhotoBiography: Olivo Barbieri

Olivo Barbieri (born 1954 in Carpi, Emilia-Romagna) is an Italian artist and photographer of urban environments. He is recognized for

PhotoBiography: Harold Ross

Utilizing the technique of light painting, the photographer Harold Ross (born 1956) captures preternatural landscapes and unearthly discarded objects. Creating

PhotoBiography: Josef Schulz

Josef Schulz (born 1966) is a “photographer” of modern warehouses and factories – trite industrial buildings that nobody would want

PhotoBiography: Meike Nixdorf

Meike Nixdorf, born 1976, is a German visual artist. She holds a B.Sc. in Psychology from Freie Universitaet Berlin and

PhotoBiography: Loretta Lux

Loretta Lux was born in Dresden, Germany, in 1969. In 1989 she left East Germany for Munich, a few months

PhotoBiography: Juergen Teller

Juergen Teller is a renown German photographer who immigrated to England in the 1980s and is today based in London.

PhotoBiography: Joey L.

Joseph Anthony Lawrence, best known as Joey L., is a Canadian-born photographer and director based in Brooklyn, New York. Having

PhotoBiography: Robert Hutinski

What is in the photos is what I think I see. – To observe – To document – To communicate

PhotoBiography: Michal Chelbin

Based in New York City, Israeli-born, Michal Chelbin has been shown in solo and group shows in the US and

PhotoBiography: Candida Höfer

Candida Höfer was born in 1944 in Eberswalde, Germany. From 1963 to 1964, she worked as a volunteer in the