PhotoBiography: Carl De Keyzer

Carl De Keyzer (born 1958) started his career as a freelance photo-grapher in 1982, while supporting himself as a photography

PhotoBiography: Vee Speers

Vee Speers, an Australian artist, has lived and worked in Paris since 1990. Speers studied fine art and photography at

PhotoBiography: Elger Esser

Elger Esser was born in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1967 and was raised in Rome. In 1986, he moved to Düsseldorf,

PhotoBiography: Joel Peter Witkin

Joel-Peter Witkin (born September 13, 1939) is an American photographer. His work often deals with such themes as death, corpses,

PhotoBiography: Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz (born October 2, 1949) is an American photographer. She is best known for her portraits of political figures,

PhotoBiography: Neil Craver

As a youth in North Carolina; I begun my path as an abstract painter and figurative sculptor; my motivation grew

PhotoBiography: Christian Höhn

Christian Höhn, a photographer from Nuremberg, set out to create an artistic documentary of the sites of these emotional and

PhotoBiography: Daniel Naudé

Daniel Naudé was born in 1984 in Cape Town, and lives there. He graduated with a BA Visual Arts from

PhotoBiography: Joakim Eskildsen

Joakim Eskildsen was born in Copenhagen in 1971 where he trained with Royal Court photographer, Mrs. RigmorMydtskov. In 1994, he

PhotoBiography: Martina Lindqvist

Martina Lindqvist (born Finland 1981) studied Photography at Hull College followed by Photographic Arts at The University of Westminster, London,